The Seed and the Earth are each other’s innerkins. The 12th and the 13th wave are linked in the same way the 2nd and the 3rd are. They strengthen the weave of the second half of the Round the way the Wizard and the Hand do for the first half.


Did the Seed squeeze the life out of you? Did he bury you in his forced embrace and feed you water from the River of Evolution until your head cracked open?

I’m sure you know that was all in your best interest. The Seed meant to help you let go of resistance; to help you empty yourself so you can flow with ease and trust on the surface of the ocean of life. He also did his best to teach you how to relax on the waves of time, enjoying their lulling motion. He asked of you to adjust your sails to the wind instead of trying to push through it. If the Seed confused you or made you feel uncomfortable in any way, know this – he didn’t mean to punish you. He only did his best to make you give up at least some of the struggle to control every last bit of your reality. And now, you are being handed to his occult partner – the Earth.







Earth is the master of synchronicity and the greatest navigator there is. She knows where the reefs and the undercurrents are, how the wind is going to turn, when there will be storms on the ocean of life. She knows where all the ships are headed too, and guides them to collision or away from it, according to the intents they have declared.

You are one of those ships. What intentions have you declared? And I don’t mean with your words, but with your vibration. Earth is a steward of the Law of attraction. It will take you where your beliefs allow you to go.

Earth’s Master is the Dragon who lives on top of the highest mountain and on the bottom of the Ocean at the same time. No one knows the picture of Life better than the Dragon who whispers in Earth’s ear all the secrets of the invisible currents of time.

Align with Earth. Make her your personal navigator. Give her all the trust that the Seed brought out of you. If you let her show you the best route, in this wave you can see new horizons. If you think in some aspect of your life you’ve reached a plateau or a peak; if you believe that you know all there is to know about it, let go of the steering wheel, lean back and ask Earth to take you in a new direction.

How to do that?

Try to forget everything you’ve planned and what you’ve defined as correct or incorrect. Search your mind for those definitive conclusions that something or someone is wrong. Whatever happened, had to happen by a greater law and order. There is so much more to the entire picture than your human self may ever know. And you don’t want to, either. What you do want instead is to be free. Free from the confinement of your own limiting conclusions. You want to flow with time. You want every moment to be new and exciting.

If you can’t break the rigid structures of your opinions immediately, start by softening them a little. Make them more flexible by introducing a whiff of maybe.…Maybe there is more to it that I don’t see. Maybe there is a reason that I don’t know but if I did, I’d not only understand, I would embrace this situation as if it happened by my conscious choice. Ask Earth to show you the connections you are missing and they will be revealed to you. As long as you don’t tell Earth where to take you, you’ll find a new ground.

Your Game is always new. Every moment you are a new person. Look around when you walk the streets or drive your car. Take in as much of the picture as you can, without thinking of something else, something that isn’t going on at this moment. Stay in the present and think only of what you are experiencing now. Not one element of the 3D picture around you is meaningless! There are hundreds of clues for you here. Clues that are meant to lead you on the treasure hunt that your personal life is.

When you get out of the subway, don’t think about the person you are going to meet or your “final” destination. Think about the faces passing you by. Think about the smells and the sounds you hear. No, don’t think about them – watch them, perceive them, let them infiltrate you! You stay in the center watching them connect in a harmonious, synchronized picture. Let the pieces fall into place on their own. If you are open enough, empty of other thoughts, of analysis and preconceived notions, you’ll see the dimension you are constantly looking for. You’ll find out where you are really headed. You’ll understand the Game you are really playing.

You’ll discover your Dragon always hovering just above your head and you’ll jump on his back. And then! Oh, then the Game will become something amazing!


Here, in the now is where true navigation happens. Forget about the future – you are not born in it yet. In the past, you don’t exist anymore. Here, in the passing moment only, you are alive.




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