12 vs. 13

12 vs. 13

The evolution of the universal mind, or consciousness is eternal. That’s why the concept of time is irrelevant to the non-physical realm of pure consciousness. Or, you can say that in that realm time is one eternal moment of Now.

But in the physical realm, our existence is linear – the line being drawn between two points – from the beginning to the end of the physical form’s life, from birth to death. And this line, which is more like a chain of consecutive moments, we call time.

In the 3rd dimension, or the world of matter that we exist in, we can only perceive what we can track and measure. That’s why our evolution, our time is expressed in numbers.

This being said, let’s look at the number 12 to which our time-system is calibrated.



Our time is linked to the frequency of 12.

12 is the number of the physical world – the 3rd dimension.

It represents the cube of the (seemingly) finite world.


The frequency of 12




The physical universe, however is just an illusion. It’s an imaginary construct of the universal mind. The 3rd dimension stands on the foundation of consciousness, like all possible planes of awareness. It’s neither separate, nor independent.

If time is expressed in numbers, we must consider that eternal moment of Now that consciousness resides in. That is the foundation of time. And just because we don’t see, or smell, or touch consciousness, it doesn’t mean it cannot be expressed with a number.

In the sequence of numbers representing the evolution of the universe, consciousness is expressed by the number ZERO.


The eternal dance of the non-physical and the physical universe is expressed in only two numbers:


where 0 is the universal mind and 1 is its first step into individuality –

the creation of the physical avatar and his finite-looking world.




The numbers following 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ….∞) represent the evolution of the world of matter – the new, more expanded, more complex, more intricate and sophisticated expressions of universal mind’s individuality.

One thing is certain – there is no matter without consciousness.

So, what is a time system synchronized with the number 12? The wheel of time turning to this rhythm weaves a Pattern of reality in which matter overrules consciousness. Consciousness is not acknowledged, and the human mind remains locked in the 3-dimensional plane of perception.

That’s why humans today identify almost completely with their material form (the body), and they try to define their value based on the material objects they possess.

What is missing in our time-system is the number of consciousness – the great zero.


The frequency of 13





A time system of 13 months and 13 hours represents a perfect balance between consciousness (mind) and matter. It is time for the human to realize s/he is not a piece of matter but a creator and a master of the material world.

In the end, the frequency of 12 doesn’t really keep consciousness out of the physical plane. It simply keeps humans ignorant and unaware of who they really are. They still create reality with their minds but they simply don’t know it. As a result, they create a mess out of their lives thinking it was someone else who did it.


The number 12 has been ruling over this humanity since the devision of the circle in 360 degrees over 5000 years ago. This circle then became the clock, identifying time with the physical space. But in every world’s evolution, there are periods of balance and periods of off-balance, like walking. In our universal stroll among the stars, we had one foot in the air for an era and now it’s time to put it back down.

Let’s bring consciousness back into our life by adding the 13th point to our time.



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  1. Very captivating, leaving the reader wanting more. It opens the mind to the other dimensions. Must read them all to draw the proper conclusion. It definitely captured my attention..

  2. Beautifully written and explained ….Thank you !!! In’Lakesh!!!

  3. Beautiful thank you – when will the clock become active?

    • Hi, Warrior 🙂

      The clock is on my agenda but I need people and resources that I don’t have at this moment to make it. I’m not in a hurry about it though because I think the time is not ripe. There are too few people who would care to even look into it and I would definitely need a strong “marketing” campaign, which is the bigger issue at this time. Maybe in less than 5 years. 🙂 But I know for a fact that even if I don’t manage to bring it out in this lifetime, someone else will.

    • Very good question! There is still time. The people must get together first – people who understand what this means and choose to live by the new/ancient time as a collective. We’ll see…maybe sooner than we imagine.

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