Let’s break free together!

A new world system manifesto

by Mono Wind


Have you ever asked yourself, what is wrong with this world?

Are you one of those people who cannot stop wondering, how did it happen? How did we manage to create a social system which is apparently working against us, the individuals it is meant to serve? How did our System become a tyrant, limiting our freedom with every step we take? Are we really that stupid? Are our intelligence and creativity only good for devising laws and rules out of fear of each other?

Where did the absolute freedom you and I were born with go? What happened to the vision of a life of wonders, abundance, love and excitement that we lived with when we were small children? Something went terribly wrong along the way. It started with the school. And then with the job. They took our time away.

But who are really they?

Humanity is miserable not because of its stupidity, but because of its ignorance. Yes, there is someone who is standing over our heads with a whip, not letting us break free from the marching lines. But that someone has been dead for centuries now. His name was Pope Gregory the 13th. He lived in the 16th century. He created the Gregorian calendar and that is the whip he left for us, now set on automatic. It whooshes through the air with a sound that resonates in the entire world. Every single second, ticking our happiness away.

When you listen to a clock ‘beating time’, do you know what you are actually hearing? The heartbeat of the System. The beat to which we all dance. Or rather, run around like headless chickens, not thinking for a moment that…

We are being controlled and even driven mad through our own time.

I don’t want to change the System. I want to create a new one within it. And a perfect one, at that. You might find it hard to believe, but that’s as easy as child’s play. How are we going to get together and agree on the perfect social system? So many have tried before and have failed. Royally!

Exactly! We are not going to do that. In fact, we don’t have to do anything at all. We don’t need to design or construct a system. All we have to do is set up the perfect time to follow, and the system will create itself mirroring our time blueprint. It will weave itself around the clock and the calendar we follow. That’s exactly how the current screwy social system has been created – through the irregular, unnatural, artificial time that connects people and unites them in this civilization.

This world has always been intended for our pleasure and fun.

We just passed through an age of confusion for a purpose. We forged an unbelievable abundance of things and experiences to compensate for the disconnection with nature. And yes, we have suffered enormously in the process, but in the end, look at what we achieved! We built the perfect platform for the best game of illusion ever! But now it’s time to claim our rewards. All we have to do is correct the intended mistake. The time has come to take back our beautiful world!

Come, join me in the quest to gather our tribe!

All you need to do is follow natural time. The feeling of separation from the human species and the deeply ingrained loneliness you thought would have disappeared by now, will truly dissipate as soon as you become connected to others by the right rhythm of time. We can dance a smooth, harmonious, and very pleasant dance together. We can and we will have the best of all worlds sooner than you think. That’s a promise! Not just from me, but from the Dragon, as well.


So, where to begin?

Start by finding out what this natural rhythm of time I’m talking about is. And about the sacred time map, called Tzolkin that will lead you to the dimension you’ve been looking for.

And then, simply follow it day by day. As long as you know which wave and which tone we are in, your mind is synchronizing with the natural time frequencies.


Enjoy the ride!


Faithfully yours,

Mono Wind





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