My name is Mono. This isn’t my given name, of course, it’s my artistic pseudonym. My given name is beautiful, but it’s for different occasions. I fell in love with the name Mono and the persona behind it in the moment my Dragon whispered it to me. Many people ask me what it actually means. Well, it refers to the generic aspect of the human that I am – an individual. But it also means ‘the one and only’ in the sense that I’m unique. As all humans are. We are the same in this way – we are unique.

I like this name because it allows me to move around the social environment with much less social baggage such as this:

I’m a single, white woman, born and raised in communist Bulgaria. I left the country as soon as possible and went to college in the US. After that, I lived in a few other countries, primarily in Europe. I went back to Bulgaria at some point, had my own business(es), went broke, worked for the government and the mafia  (which is the same thing). In the meantime, I looked for other dimensions and tried to figure out the nature of spirit in any way known to humans. I even lived for a year and a half in a yoga ashram….  

You see, as I tell you these things, your mind goes to work trying to construct a picture of my character. I understand this. People have a hard time communicating with others if they don’t have them filed in a specific directory in the ‘personality catalogue’ of their mind. But…I am unique. No amount of facts about my history will ever be enough to construct an accurate portrait of me. And I’m absolutely certain the same is true for you.

Besides, I have really lived a lot. Since the time I was born I’ve galloped through life as if chased by the devil himself. In a way, I was because I was looking for God with such fervor that I turned the world upside down to find him. I had innumerable crazy experiences during that quest. For me, if anything can come close to defining me (at this moment) it would be those experiences. And yet, most of them are so personal and intimate that I can’t begin to describe them, even though I still haven’t stopped trying. I am a Wind after all.

There! If you’d like to know who I am, that’s who I am – Mono Electric Wind. A connector and a communicator. That’s the most precise self-definition I can come up with because no matter how hard I try, I can’t change the trajectory these two labels have set me on. They are like postage labels on a package – I am destined to arrive where they take me.

I think the more important question for you, rather than who I am, is what are my reasons for setting up this website and talking to you. What’s my goal, what am I trying to get you involved in? Am I right? Do those questions resonate deeper? After all, if you do want to know who I am it would be so you can decide if you like me enough, or better yet, if you can trust me. Or at the very least, if I can keep you entertained. Fair enough.

So, let’s see… I’ve been completely honest about my purpose and I hope it shows through my work. My goals, as grand and far-fetched as they seem to the regular people, are really those I stated in the manifesto. Still, if you have any questions, even about my life, write to me (use the contact form below). I’ll write back to you, I promise. Unless you are a jerk to me. Then I’d probably ignore you. 🙂

In Lak’ech

I am another you,


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