Death Wave – no fear of dying, but love

Death Wave – no fear of dying, but love

Today we are crossing over to the Northernmost point of the Tzolkin round. This is the Northern wave of the Northern Castle – so white that it is almost invisible. We are coming to the land of the White tribe who will lead us to the peak of Refinement. We are about to discover the power of subtlety. It should be a rather seamless transition from the Skywalker’s into the Death’s mission not only because one follows the other, but also because they are anakins.


In the wave of the Death, or World-Bridger we will smooth out the edges of our goal enough to make it pass through the center of the Storm who comes next. The Master of this team of Whites is the Dog who is guided by the Usher – Mirror. Love will be a very central topic in this wave.





After the Skywalker identified the two perspectives – the one we already hold but want to change and the one we want to integrate into our minds – Death is ready to build a bridge between them and take us across. Why is love the central point in Death’s agenda?
Love is the foundation of all perspectives. Love is who we are, and when we suffer, regardless of the topic of our drama, we deny ourselves true love. True love, however, is not serving, dedication, compromise, or sacrifice. It’s also not attachment or dependence on the presence or the behavior of another. That kind of love is conditional.


Death will ask you today if you can shed your fear of losing a loved one and then maybe you can understand unconditional love. Anything that causes you a negative emotion is a denial of love. So, when you say, “I miss you” and “I can’t live without you” you are expressing love that kills. That is fear disguised as love. The excitement supporting these statements is adrenaline from the fear of losing the object of your…life.


True love is the love your Dragon feels for you. He knows he can never lose you because you are a part of him and he lives forever. True love is the love you feel for yourself when you know you are your Dragon, your own Creator, and you need no one else to sustain you. You feel love when you understand that you are in control of your thoughts and that all emotions are indication of what you believe. If you believe you depend on someone to make you feel loved, that is safe from suffering and even death, you are not aware of your real Self.


Certainly, people could be and most often are vehicles of your Dragon’s love. When your lover touches you in a way that gives you pleasure, it’s your Dragon touching you. When a friend makes you laugh, it’s your Dragon entertaining you. But when you think that your lover or your friend, as you see them in front of you, are all there is to them; when you think that the image of yourself you see in the mirror is all there is to you, you might easily fall into the traps of the Illusion. Then it seems so logical that your feelings of pleasure and fun come from those other human beings and not from your Dragon.


The Blue tribe in this wave will present the challenge to see the bigger picture of the Game in which your intangible true Self becomes tangible through its physical avatars. They will ask you, “Do you understand that the game is supposed to be fun?” And, “How many pieces do you believe the puzzle of your life is made of?” Because maybe you can’t always have fun because some pieces of it are gone missing.


The Yellow tribe are the keepers of Death’s balance, with a portal day right in the middle. The Connector, Electric Star who sets the rhythm for the spinning wheel in equilibrium also flanks the Resonator as an anakin of the Rhythmic Monkey and an innerkin of the Galactic Skywalker. And then she counterbalances her immense spinning power as the Usher Mirror’s antikin.


The Star will set and maintain the steady rhythm of the dance of life for us to get into the flow with the Self-existing Moon and navigate our ships perfectly in the Ocean of the Collective Reality with the Crystal Earth. Both of them are portal kins, which means that we’ll have great opportunities to stop and re-direct the momentum of our personal creation of reality – that powerful stream of thought and manifestation which sometimes may seem impossible to control. And yet, if we are to move swiftly from one perspective to another, we need to take those chances. The Creator Moon is guided by the Serpent, which means that we’ll be cleansing the foundation of our minds and rearranging all the beliefs that have something to do with survival.


What does your survival depend on? Love, of course. Not money, not food, but simply love. That’s why the Dog is the Moon’s anakin and it follows in her footsteps, too. Then the Dog will guide the Solar Wizard to help us define and solidify our new intentions, and the key to his mission is the Serpent again. The Serpent will then test the new state of our subconscious belief system by giving us the challenge of the Arbiter Eagle’s mission. And then she will help us free ourselves from the old patterns in the Liberator Warrior’s mission.


Remember to love your existence. Don’t torture yourself with useless self-imposed challenges in order to become more accepted by society, parents or friends. Even the best among us are too conditioned to avoid the trap of the idea that you need to observe secular laws and social standards not just to be happy but to survive. Love must enhance your freedom – not blind you and bind you. It should help you become even lighter, more careless, more centered, and even more self-sufficient. It should help you connect with your true Self, not take you further away from it with emotions like jealousy, dissatisfaction and other kinds of fear.


The Game is supposed to be easy and fun. You are supposed to be complete, one with your Dragon. So, let Death come into your mind and kill your idea of dying.



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