Dog Wave – Love Me…Not

Dog Wave – Love Me…Not

Did the Earth manage to show you how terrible it feels to be out of synch with the people around you and how your own choices bring you to the wrong places at the wrong times? Did it show you also how elating it is to be on the same vibe with the people and the circumstances, and how wonderful life is when you let yourself follow your heart? Now that you know how to recognize when you are on the path of your highest intentions and when you are walking in the footsteps of your scared and ignorant self, you can begin a new journey. Your destination? Absolute freedom, of course. A life that you truly enjoy.


It begins with the teacher of unconditional love – the Dog.


What is unconditional love?


First, let’s talk about what it isn’t. It isn’t the exchange of words and gifts between two people. It’s not the desire to kiss someone, or to send them a message that will impress them enough to share your desire. It’s not having the image of someone or the sound of their voice stuck in your head day and night, and so on.

All of this is the excitement of hormones rushing through your veins, which is a wonderful experience, of course. But in this kind of love, half of the excitement is due to the adrenaline produced by the fear of losing that person. And not so much the person, as their appreciation of you. Why fear? Because you need to see yourself in the eyes of someone who likes you in order to like yourself. That’s conditional love.


I can love myself if you love me. I need you to love me because by loving me, you let me love myself. I need you to know I’m needed. I need you to tell me I’m worthy so I can believe it. I need you to put some value on me, so I can believe, at least for the time you think I’m special, that I’m not a useless pawn on the board of the Game of Life. If you say I’m pretty, I’m exempt from the guilt of believing that I am on my own.  Because, without you, when I look in the mirror I get…filled with doubts. I am confused because there are so many standards of worthiness and success in this world I don’t seem to fit in… But if someone else, not me!, says I’m valuable, I must be. So, please, don’t leave me, because if you do, I’ll sink back to the bottom of the scale of worthiness and…feel terrible.

It hurts so much when the people you use as a conduit for self-love judge or criticize you. The more you need them to convince you of your worthiness, the more desperately you hope that they never change their opinion…


The Dog’s mission is to remind you that no matter how great the person or the people who validate you might be, what you love is how you feel when you see yourself through their eyes. We are all in this  for the feeling after all… But to lay your happiness in the feet of another person is self-damnation. When you rely on others to love you for you to love yourself, you are giving up your freedom to be who you really are.


So, what is unconditional love? Yes, it is loving yourself regardless of what other people say or think about you, but it’s more than that. It’s your actual essence. It’s the feeling reflecting the frequency of your higher self, of who you really are. The closer you are to your ultimate perspective, the more “in love” you feel. In fact, when someone else adores you, you let yourself believe what your true Self believes about you, and you become synchronized with it. That’s why you feel elation, inspiration, exhilaration. Minus the fear of losing the avenue through which you allow yourself to align with your true self’s opinion of yourself, of course, but that’s a trap you need to find a way out of eventually.


It’s quite simple. All you have to do is listen to your own thoughts and be acutely aware of the feelings they produce. The thoughts that make you feel restricted in some way, any way, are thoughts of conditional love. But there are also thoughts that give you hope, yet they are deadly traps.

For example, sometimes humans become very excited when they make a resolution to shape up. They make plans to get up early and go to the gym, but then, when the time comes to act on their plans, they feel miserable. Why? Because the plans they made in the first place were not from a place of unconditional love for themselves. They made plans to improve themselves from the position of  “not being  good enough”. The excitement was due to the momentary spark of the belief that they would be better people if they were in a better physical shape. But that belief in itself is conditional and rather debilitating.


In the next 13 days, the Dog will do its best to bring to the surface those false values and shine its divine light upon them. You might fall in some traps or you might avoid them. Either way, be aware of what is going on because if you fall, you will learn and change. If you don’t fall, you will enjoy a great experience of…being in love with yourself, the world, people and places, and the entire Game of Life.




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  1. How eloquently put!!! I find myself all too often subconsciously “falling” back into the trap however with such wonderful people to help remind me not to allow myself to fall back asleep … yet again…it is becoming effortless to remain Awake and Aware!!! Love and Gratitude to all who are helping one another to remain vigilant against the programmed BS so many of us were taught to believe in!!!

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