Dragon Wave – New Beginning

Dragon Wave – New Beginning

 Welcome to the Dragon Wave!


In the following 13 days, we will lay down the basis of our new construction, our new creation, our next-level selves. This wave is the red wave of the Red Castle, so it is all about initiation, goal setting, planning and envisioning. In this first wave we pack for the journey, we plant the seeds of what we want to eat, we buy the materials for the artwork we want to create. The ‘journey’ is your life, the ‘food’ are your emotions, the ‘work of art’ is you.




It’s not a coincidence that the first wave of the Round is that of the Dragon – your creator and your ultimate mentor. He’s the keeper of your perfect perspective on life. He maintains the focus on your highest and purest intentions and holds onto them, even if you forget them completely (sometimes). In the next 13 days, come back to the source and consult with your higher mind (the Dragon). Return to the very roots of your ambitions – from the life-long goals to the most mundane, minute tasks and endeavours.

Are you ready for a journey of reconnection with your higher Self, your Source, your Dragon?


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