In the next 13 days, we’ll be learning to act from the perspective of Truth.





The Hand’s inner wave is the Wind wave.

Master of the Hand is the Monkey who is guided by the Usher Storm. Monkey and Storm are also present in the paths of the Challenger, the Connector, and the Creator – the kins who envision the wave. Therefore, the Blue tribe will be guiding us to find our center through humor and playfulness. They’ll be showing us the gateways that lead in and out of the Illusion. We’ll be crossing the borders back and forth many times in the practice of synchronizing our perspective with Dragon’s viewpoint in action.

We’ll be exploring the different angles of self-love and love for our Game. But our attention will be mostly directed towards nurturing and expanding our newly formed identities. We’ll talk about the art of reality creation and the laws that we need to understand in order to become true artists but only enough to be inspired to continue on the path of becoming Dragon’s perfect avatars. Because we are still at the stage of transcending our old identities and healing our minds of pestering habits of thought.

We’ll be learning to evolve with patience and awareness, developing a genuine appetite for life itself, instead of running heels over head to some inexistent end. The Hand will show us the secret to accomplishing our ultimate  goals in every endeavor. And then she will hand us to the Sun with whom we will complete the first Castle of the Tzolkin Round with a new, enlightened creation ready to go into the stage of refining.

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