Human Wave – A Matter of Choice

Human Wave – A Matter of Choice





A message from the Human:


You are free to choose your thoughts and that’s all the freedom anyone can ever have. Because you are made of thoughts and your world is made of thoughts. All your experiences are manifestations of your thoughts. You create your reality by thinking about it. What you think about, you get more of. So, with that truth in mind, choose your thoughts wisely.


Choose music, choose dance, choose freedom, choose love.


You have been created perfect but perfection is not completion. You become more and more perfect with every passing moment. You are the seed of your perfect Self blooming and bearing fruit over and over again. New seeds, new ideas, new experiences – emotions upon emotions, like waves of existence washing upon the shores of your permanent presence in the universe.


Choose the seeds you plant in your mind. If you have planted some you don’t like out of ignorance or by mistake, don’t nurture them. Instead, let them wither and die. Nurture the ones you want to see flourish and bear new seeds that will become flowers you will enjoy smelling and fruits you will savor with pleasure.


But remember – you cannot kill or destroy any seeds you have already planted. You can only ignore them until you don’t even remember them anymore. Without your attention, they can’t survive because there is a Law which nurtures what you think about and doesn’t what you don’t.


And yet…


You are a Creator – not a passive observer of someone else’s show. But know how you create so you can do what you want. Fight for the world of your dreams! Fight the intruders and the destroyers of happiness with focus on love. Give your entire attention to what you prefer and what gives you pleasure. Let that vibration penetrate every cell of your being and hold onto it as long as it’s humanly possible. Every day, every time you remember. Endure in the idea of love long and often enough to help its seeds sprout and root themselves in your mind. Love even your failure to do that.


Establish a habit. Imagine your life as you want it to be and think of it often – but not in the future! Imagine it now, for the pleasure of it. For the sweetness of being who you choose to be. Wise you are because you are human. Many things you have seen, many skills you have cultivated. But beware – your wisdom may be a trap. You can easily find yourself in the prison of expectation because of the logical patterns you have witnessed and the thought sequences you have learned.


Only to your mind, you can be a victim. That’s as liberating as it’s scary. To get out of the ruts of habitual thinking, choose to be new in every moment. Don’t say, I have seen this before. Don’t say, I know where this path leads. Because if you do, you’ll see what you’ve seen and you’ll end up where you’ve already been. And if you happen to make that mistake, you can still be happy for simply being alive. Try! Try and you’ll see that it works. Every time.


Release all control – as hard as it may be, this is the key to your ultimate freedom.

Freedom is the essence of your true Self. Freedom is all you will ever want because you want nothing more than to be who you really are. Keep trying, keep fighting – the key to your cell in the prison of habit and expectation is your choice of thoughts. Choose to think of yourself as a free human. Not free from being incarcerated or free from debt, or of a chore you don’t necessarily like all that much. Free to choose your thoughts and feel what you like. What other freedom is there to need?

I am free to breathe.

That you believe.

Use that wonderful-feeling thought to tune yourself up to the vibration of absolute freedom and take it from there.


Don’t worry about your influence over the world. No matter what you do, you can’t disrupt the universal balance. Even in times of great despair and total confusion, you are exactly where you can be. And yet, you can move out of there at will. The world will move around you to keep its equilibrium intact – nothing to do about that. There is a greater force creating on your behalf but it’s up to you to be in the right place at the right time so you can enjoy your own splendid creation with all your senses and unconditional trust in your own choices.


Choose to trust, choose to let go of your human mind‘s control and you’ll gain it all.



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