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After the Serpent helped us sever the strings of attachment to our reality, the Mirror will try to take us out of it. The Mirror represents your entire reality but YOU are not a part of it. Your body may be, but YOU are not the body. You are not even the mind. You are the one who controls the mind and who experiences through the body. What is in your mind is projected onto the screen you call reality – the Mirror of Illusion.

Now, come out of the Mirror and become the one who perceives the images in it. Don’t let yourself be sucked into it, identifying with your reflection. The images are products of your thoughts, and if you consider yourself one of them, you actually become trapped in your own mind. That’s how you lose control over your thoughts and become a voiceless experiencer of the emotions they produce.

How do you come out of the Mirror? First of all, remember to observe the situation you are in. Look at the thoughts that you entertain regarding what is going on around you. Remember that even though you may not be able to change the situation and to control the reflection in the Mirror directly, you can choose how to experience it. Incidentally, that’s how you control it.

Often, people say that they couldn’t react differently in a situation:  “How can I not get mad when she does this?”, “How can I not get sad when he tells me that?”…. When you say, “It makes me feel this way and there is nothing I can do about it”, you give away the only real power you have – your free will. We are born with a freedom to choose, which basically means that we are free to choose what to think.

When you see your face in the mirror you have a choice. You can think: “I’m ugly” or you can think: “I love myself.” And no matter how little you actually love yourself, the latter statement will always feel better than the first. In the end, all that really matters is that the emotion you take away from the meeting with your reflection in the mirror is the only experience you are left with.

This wave is about learning to communicate with yourself using the images in the Mirror. You create this reality to enjoy it. When you see your own creation as ugly, imperfect, inappropriate, you offend yourself. You will not improve the picture you paint by telling yourself you are not a good artist. You will not achieve an enjoyable reality by telling yourself that it’s currently crappy. And be wary of self-depreciation and self-criticism. For example, “I should be more disciplined” is not a self-loving thought.

Unconditional love is never about you and someone else. It’s always about the relationship between you and you.  Only when you become gentle and loving towards yourself, you can forgive others for hurting you because you will have stopped using them as an excuse to hurt yourself.

Love is not something you must deserve. It’s not even your birthright. It’s the essence of your real Self. So, rediscover your eternal presence in the center of your reality every time you feel out of balance.

Remember that the images in the Mirror are neither permanent nor reflecting your entire Self. They are glimpses of ideas. They are momentary perspectives. If you don’t like what you see, close your eyes, feel your breath, remember who you are, and look again. Repeat as many times as necessary until the image changes, or rather, until your “emotional response” to what you see is excitement.



With the Mirror, we start transitioning into the second half of the Tzolkin Round. For the first three days we’ll be preparing and then we’ll go into the tunnel of the Central Column. In the middle of it, the Mirror will hand us over to the Monkey to take us out onto the other side. What is on the other side? Well, let’s look at the archetypes who presided the first half vs the ones of the second half.




Notice that the second-half group is comprised of the ANTIKINS of the first-half. They will balance out the work of the first half. They will be the yin of the yang and the yang of the yin of the first half.

It’s not a coincidence that the Mirror initiates the Game of Reflection because in the first half we were guided by the Visionaries while in the second one the Players will be in charge. That doesn’t mean that we will not be guided to dream and imagine, to think and realize. That doesn’t mean that we’ll be forced into action, practice and work only. The thought and the action always happen simultaneously – in fact thinking is action. It means instead that in the tango Mind and Reality are dancing, Reality will lead. But as usual, our ultimate goal is to establish and maintain balance and harmony as we dance our Game. That’s why we need to clarify and refine our relationship with our reality.

Now that we took a glimpse of the second half of the Round, let’s talk about the transition into it.

The Central Column is a very charged time. If you are sensitive to the Tzolkin, you must have noticed already that these 20 days feel like you are squeezed in a tunnel through which, as you pass, you are forced to walk the path you have chosen. It feels as if there is hardly any possibility to deviate from the line you have delineated for yourself in the first half. That is in fact, a very good thing because when it comes to the choice you want to make, you are better off with only that choice.

So, what is the role of the Mirror?

If we have become lost inside the Mirror, it will spit us out to show us the difference between our true Selves and the images that we call reality. It will take us out to show itself to us before the Monkey leads us right back inside it, but this time (hopefully) conscious enough of who we really are so we can be in control of our Game.

Like Alice who goes “through  the looking glass”, we’ll come into the manifested world of our Imagination. We’ll be pushed out of the womb of our Dragon into the hands of the – Monkey our host in the Illusion Game.


Happy journey into the Central Column. We’ll see each other at the Gates of the Illusion Game where the Monkey is already waiting for us.


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