Monkey Wave – Press Play

Monkey Wave – Press Play

In the middle of the tunnel of the Central Column Run, we enter through the Mirror into the Illusion.

For 13 days we looked at the Mirror of Reality, and saw ourselves in other people, our lives represented in their dynamics. We had the chance to experience our own circumstances as spectators. The Mirror showed us as much as it could – the most essential aspects of our Game at this time. It revealed the sore spots that weaken us so we can heal them and become intact.

On the last day of the Mirror wave, the Cosmic Dog whose innerkin is the Magnetic Monkey flowed into the Magnetic Monkey whose innerkin is the Magnetic Dog in a seamless transition from the first into the second half of the Tzolkin. We were squeezed through an almost indistinguishable crack in the Mirror of Reality. But those of us who didn’t become soft and liquid enough were smashed against the Mirror and dragged into it, tearing the links of resistance on the sharp shards framing the forced gate into the Illusion.





What does it mean to enter the Illusion?


In the first 10 waves, we worked on our minds, tweaking out belief systems. The external reality served as a décor, a testing ground for our internal Game. Now we are ready to focus on the external Game and play with what we’ve got. We’ll be applying our latest realizations, epiphanies, and resolutions, putting them to the test in practice. For the next 10 waves, we’ll experiment with our new belief system. By the end of this Round we’ll have enough information gathered to reverse again the positions of the mind and the reality and start retweaking the mind.

This doesn’t mean that our minds are not going to expand from now on. That’s simply impossible because the evolution of our belief system is constant and unstoppable. But it will happen in a different way – more automatically than self-imposed; more forced by the circumstances than chosen on the basis of the circumstances. The difference is quite subtle, indeed, because the Game of the second half is going to be a reflection of the state of mind we acquired in the first half. So, in a way, we’ll be enforcing on the mind the “blueprint” changes we made in the first half, by experiencing the reality projected by it in the second half. And through the experience of our “blueprint”, we’ll decide which parts of it to keep and reinforce, which ones to tweak and expand, and which ones to reconsider altogether.


Let’s meet our host – the Monkey!

How you will be greeted by the Monkey at the gates of the Illusion depends entirely on how seriously you take yourself. The Monkey’s hand reaches out of the Mirror, grabs you and pulls you in. If you extend your hand to it, ready to jump eagerly into the Game, you will enter through the crack intact, merging with your reflection. But if you stand there, looking at your reflection in the glossy surface, arguing with it because you see someone different from who you are, the Monkey will grab you by the hair or the leg and pull you in so fast that you can’t help but become one with your reflection – the argument having come to a bloody end for both of you.


The Monkey is not cruel at all, however. It will look at you dripping blood, sweat, and tears, with your clothes torn and one shoe gone, and he will smile widely or laugh out loud at you. When you ask, “What’s so funny?!”, the Monkey will reply: “You are so colorful and fun to look at”.


The Illusion is a game and Monkey wants you to play. All games have one purpose – to have fun playing them. If at any moment during the game you forget that, the Monkey’s role is to remind you. Most of the time, when you have become too haughty for your own good the Monkey will lure you to the highest peak of your haughtiness only to push you from the edge and cry behind you: “Now spread your wings and fly!” That isn’t cruel because the Monkey knows that you cannot die and in the flight you have a great chance of remembering that. The very reason, Monkey also knows, for you to take it all so seriously, is your idea that the Game can end. Monkey knows that if you think you are material and finite, and you can break and be no more; that you have to compete with others to prove which one of you deserves more love, if any; that you have to suffer and punish to attain salvation from who knows what comes next…then you need to be reminded of who you really are. And Monkey will remind you again and again until you start laughing; until you remember that you are playing a Game.


The Game is simple – with only a few basic rules. If you play by them, the Monkey will show you all the secret pathways through the Illusion. Monkey loves having friends to play with, of course. But it considers friends those who respect the Game and play it as innocent children do – for fun – instead of turning it into a war for survival.



Now, relax, and forget about what has been so far. There’s too much going on in this very moment to think about the past, which has been gone for at least a minute.

Look around and remember – this is the Illusion. It’s a projection of your own mind and it’s a wonderful, genius construct of your imagination. You have created a body for yourself, donned it, and ventured inside your Game with one single expectation – to have fun.

Even though everything around you is a part of you, here you are separate on purpose. So, detach from everything and everyone, think your own thoughts and feel your own emotions.

Every time you feel doomed, remember you are playing a Game. If you are not having fun, something has become too serious and too important. Turn it around in your mind until you start enjoying playing with it.


Follow the Monkey in these 13 days who will expand on these rules. You will need them for the next 9 waves.


See you around the Illusion!



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