We have now entered the Central Castle of Transition (to the next Tzolkin Round). At the same time, we are transitioning to the new year wave, of the 11 Storm. But not only for that reason, this time is more special than usual. We are also being pushed out of the womb of the old age and into the new one with the power of the Moon.


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In this moment we are in the Moon year-wave and in the Moon day-wave. The Storm is the Liberator of both! That is pretty amazing synchronicity because the year wave is not made of 13 consecutive signs.









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Our new human consciousness is going to be pushed out of the womb of this humanity during this year. We and our age will be given birth to. The Moon will flush us out of the nest of the collective mind and reality with the power of the Storm. Next year, with the 12 Seed, we’ll find each other in the physical plane, and we’ll complete the physical manifestation of our new species. We’ll be one family, vibrating on the same frequency, anchoring a new dimension within the Game of Illusion. We are the conscious humans.

But the Moon will preside over the transition for 3 more years. Through the 11 Storm, she will unleash the true power of the River of Evolution on us. She’s the Storm’s ANTIKIN, as well, and in their perfect balance, our world will be reborn. The power of the Moon lies in the concept of rhythm. Constant, unchangeable rhythm can break the hardest matter. That’s why she is also the archetype of universal water, which is a metaphor for the unending flow of life.

The Storm, on the other hand, represents the center of all centers. It’s the one point of convergence of all time vectors. It’s the power of focus. When you combine focus with rhythm, you become absolutely invincible. Because somewhere in the middle of the two, in the balance between the never-ending flow of time and the one single moment of now, creation is born again, and again, and again. The dance of the Moon and the Storm is the source of eternity.

For us, on this planet, at this time of our evolution, the Moon bears the rhythm of 13, and the Storm will help her deliver it. We, the new human species on this planet, are resonating with this rhythm. The Storm will help reestablish the link between the sun and the moon energies that has been severed for 5 millennia. And we are back in the Game! Well, not that we ever left but now we can play the way we like it!



I have to say, when it comes to the Storm, I’m biased. I have a special relationship with it because we are innerkins. But the Spectral Storm is super special for me (3 Wind) because it is my perfect innerkin (tones 11 and 3). I’ve been looking forward to this year since the moment I realized the incredible synchronicities in my personal oracle. Three years ago I entered my personal Hand wave and in this year, I will enter the 4 Wind who happens to be the Creator of the Storm wave. In other words, my 40th birthday is in the 4th month of this Storm month-wave (the solar year), on the 4th tone of the Storm day-wave.

How does the 11 Storm relate to your personal oracle?
Write in the comments below!


The Moon has been an amazing teacher to me. A little too adamant and unforgiving…but that’s because the forces of evolution cannot be stopped, no matter what. When I finally dropped all resistance to her overwhelming power (after all she is the antikin of my innerkin – the strongest of my personal powers!), she started showing me the concept of evolution in such a way that I fell in love with life itself just because I understood the idea of process behind creation. Its constant rhythm, the pleasure of growing step by step without an end goal… To watch my ideas morph with every new experiment and to understand that I will never be complete now makes me happy…


When we were transitioning into this wave, on the last day of the Warrior wave, the Cosmic Star made my head spin with inspiration. She said that it’s time to make a choice and let the light of my true Self shine through me. The Star Wave, my favorite wave, the last wave of the Tzolkin is the culmination of the Run and the flowering of the Green Castle.

The human Avatar’s consciousness is complete when he becomes a Warrior. But when he merges with his Creator, he becomes an expression of universal art – a masterpiece of creation.

I asked the Dragon to show me how to…live through the Moon wave, and he sang his answer in 26 verses through me, my perfect little Avatar! Here it is:




Now that you have decided

To be the star that you like

So much

It’s time to let it shine through

With its magnificent light

Through you

Look in the cosmic mirror

What vision does it reflect

Of you

As you unite with Shiva

Who cares what are the true

True facts

Your face is simply imagined

And that’s the real true fact

Of life

If you believe your emotions

And if you follow in my

Foot steps

I’ll show you what is in motion

What movie you and I


I’ll let you in on a secret

If you will promise me just

One thing

To make the effort to meet me

To walk the distance between us

Half way

Wake up and dance every morning

I’ll be here waiting for you

My dear

Come and surrender the body

That’s all you have to do

It’s pretty clear

It’s also quite very easy

You know I shouldn’t have to

Ask twice

To feel your favorite feelings

Doesn’t require no


Except you have to be willing

To leave all fears behind

And play

Let’s dance and breathe all our troubles

Let’s breathe and dance all our troubles


Come, meet me in the center,

Let’s ride the rhythm together


Let’s hear the heavenly music

That will transport us beyond

 The Gates

Of the Great Mighty Illusion

It’s the dimension that

Allows hell

To rule Imagination

The Land where happens the magic


It’s time, let’s go, my baby

Time to surrender to No

No time

It’s time for you to hand me

The reins of our

Human mind

I say, you ride the Dragon

Right in the eye of

The Storm

Do you accept the challenge

To go for One Single


To set out for completion

To merge with me in the


To focus on our passion

And play until death should do

Us Part

Come Home and let me remind you

That we will never

Never Die




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  1. Cosmic Serpent

    Brilliant Mino!!! I will sing this to my father as I cast his remains from the Mountain of the Devil on Cosmic Dragon guided by his own daughter Cosmic Serpent reflected in Cosmuc Mirror in the magic embrace of Cosmic Monkey under the full Magnetic Sun.

  2. beautiful cosmic song, star child

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