Night Wave – Infinity of options

Night Wave – Infinity of options



The Night is the archetype of infinity and she offers you infinite abundance. Life is not a series of options. It’s a cosmos of options. Every single moment you could move in a hundred different directions, perform a thousand different gestures, say a million different words, and choose infinitely many thoughts.

In fact, abundance can be overwhelming.

You can feel lost in the cosmos bearing too many opportunities, and we feel so much more comfortable with fewer choices. Why? Because we are afraid we might make the wrong choices.

We are so afraid that we might take the wrong turn on our path that we spend too much time looking for a way to make the choice, instead of exploring choices. We ask other people what choice they would make in our shoes. Most people spend a huge amount of time reading books, newspapers, blog articles…they listen to the news, to the stories of their neighbors and relatives…all the while trying to discern a pattern that could help them find the path paved with the right choices once and for all. In the process more often than not they feel staggeringly overwhelmed.

The feeling of being lost in the universe of choices is one of the worst feelings for a human being. To have no specific path means to have no control over your own game. And that is too close to having no game, which is synonymous with death.

We have gotten one thing right, though – there are right choices for us. But what we have wrong is the way we look for them. You can’t recognize the right choice by analyzing it with your intellect. The right choice feels right. When you decide to do something and your decision is diluted by the doubt that another choice might be better for you, you are not making the right choice. You are so inspired by the right choice that you have no doubt you want to go for it.

No choices are universally correct, we all know that. No paths are perfect for everybody. There are definite reasons you choose one path over another, but those reasons make it so that it doesn’t matter if there are other paths you could walk instead of the one you have chosen. Why? Because this one is good enough. More than that, it’s perfect. And the fact that there are other equally perfect paths doesn’t change anything at all.

While you are eating a very delicious fruit, are you thinking about all the other fruits you’d enjoy just as much or maybe more? Even though you know that there are plenty of delicious fruits on the planet, you enjoy the one in your mouth…hopefully. When you fall in love, do you think that there are other people you could be in love with instead of this one? You don’t, because the person you are holding in your arms is simply perfect at this moment.

The right choice is perfect in the same way. It makes you feel complete. It inspires you and excites you in a way that you don’t want to justify it or explain it to anyone else. It feels redundant and unnecessary to do that.

The right choices in life are the ones you are in love with.

Your analytical human mind might be very tempted to circle back to the question, now, how do I find those choices? We have been trained to look for things with our intellects. But the human mind cannot recognize, let alone calculate all the choices in the universe. That’s why, when you try to go the analytical way, you inevitably feel lost. Maybe for a moment, here and there, someone manages to convince you that there is a system guaranteed to lead you to the right choices. In fact, the world today is swarming with such systems. But they lure you into chasing the right choice, hopping from system to system, led on by sheer hope that the chase will end with the right system…

In reality, finding the right choice is the easiest thing in life. The right choices are always right under your nose. When you can’t make an inspired decision about something, all you have to do is drop it and do whatever you are certain you want to do. That’s all, really. When you are obliged to do things that don’t inspire you, come closer to the now and find thoughts that inspire you. The choice of thought is the only real choice you make, anyway. Everything you do in the reality is a consequence of that choice.

The path you are looking for is always the easiest, most natural path. We, as Creators of this world, are not stupid! We designed our Game to be easy and fun. Your human mind has been conditioned to complicate things way too much. So much that it takes you off your most desired path. When that happens, use your Dragon mind instead.

The Dragon mind is not only capable of grasping all the choices, it contains them. It uses a system, too, but it is a genius one. All the possible choices are compared to one reference point – the intention to have fun, to feel good. At the same time, Dragon mind possesses an unimaginably huge data processing capacity. Infinitely huge, in fact. It can calculate the right path for you on the spot, moment to moment. And it sure does so, all the time. It also makes that data available to you, in every single moment. How does Dragon mind calculate your best choices? It compares all thoughts and emotions you’ve had so far. It factors in your desires and your fears. It holds records of your darkest hours and your happiest experiences. And in every moment, all this data is filtered through that one ultimate intention to feel good. The result is a set of available choices right here and now that would satisfy this ultimate intention.

So, the only thing you need to do is connect to your Dragon mind. Your job is to attune your human mind to its frequency. The path you are meant to look for is the one going up towards the highest vibration. You do that by choosing your thoughts, following your emotions. And you know that you are climbing when you feel more excitement, more inspiration, more joy with every next thought. Thought by thought, you can navigate your human mind to merge with Dragon mind.

Keep in mind that the “rightest” choices are seldom the ones most people would make. Don’t look for the standard, average or proven choices. Those choices keep many people trapped in a mundane, uninspiring reality which they believe is safe. But safe from what? Safe from adventures! On that path you are not safe from death, you are safe from life.


See you in the moonlit Night…


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  1. beautiful!!
    i find the audio a very nice idea. your voice completes somehow the meaning of your writting.
    thank you very much.
    wave after wave this calendar makes so much sense
    rythmic wizard : )

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