Seed Wave – Aware of Perfection

Seed Wave – Aware of Perfection

We are out of the central column and into the second half of this Round of the Game. How did the Monkey treat you? Did he provoke your patience and good disposition? Did he send all the annoying people to tease you, or did he bring the annoying one out of you? Did he lure you into surprising yourself?  Did he make you question your own standards and reconsider your expectations?


If he did, good. Because now you have widened your horizons. You have expanded the boundaries of your vision, and you can consider more wisely than before what seeds you want to plant in the garden of your reality. The Seed represents your greatest potential that can never be fully realized because it grows with every step you take. It’s that state of perfection that can never be achieved because there would be nothing to drive you forward. Whether you realize it or not, it’s your greatest source of happiness – knowing that there will always be more to life. More experiences, more emotions, more discoveries and realizations, more dreams and more creative energy flowing through you while figuring out how to make them reality.


What is it? You feel unfulfilled? In the next 13 days, the Seed will reveal a great secret to you. It will show you how to feel complete while going towards the impossible-to-reach completion. It will offer you to experience the true meaning of the word perfection. Perfection is not at the end of the journey, but in the journey itself. In fact, perfection is the very fact that the journey can never end. If you want to live forever, you must make sure that you can never achieve everything you could achieve. Isn’t that the perfect solution? To find perfection, look no further than the constant flow of your breath. You are where you are – in the middle of a quest, and when this one is over, another one will be right on its heels. So, you see, the beginnings and the ends are also in the middle of the journey. Now, all you have to do to understand the perfection of your life is become fully aware.


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Let go of expectations for the future – you don’t exist there. Let go of memories of the past – those are old news. Instead, look around, see the picture you are a part of now. Look inside, feel the sensations of the body. Ask yourself, how do I feel now and why? What am I thinking about? This is awareness of the Moment. This is how you bring together the reason and the purpose of life. If you become fully aware of who you are, what you have created up until this very moment, you’ll live out your fullest potential. Because in every moment you have achieved a state of being which is the maximum…for the moment. But you see, there will always be only this moment and no other. So, instead of thinking about your realized potential in some future moment, realize it now, in this one. What you have going on right now is your ultimate expression of life, and it will always be this way. Always!


Awareness of the Game in the moment is the state of ultimate perfection.


As you observe your achievements in the now, don’t judge, don’t analyze, don’t try to change anything. The art of awareness requires you to let go completely and…take it all in as it is. And when I say “all”, I mean even the feelings of incompletion. They are a part of who you are right now. And if you observe them, you will see something magical happen. You will see the process of your inner transformation and you’ll understand the speed and direction of your evolution. That will be enough to make you feel complete and perfect.

So, watch for the sake of exploring and knowing yourself. Surrender all weapons of control. Open your fists, let it all fall down. Spread your arms and breathe in freedom – you are free to be who you have become. You were someone else yesterday, you’ll be someone else tomorrow. Don’t let the one you are today pass you by unnoticed, unfelt, unrealized.

Look around and see the shapes, colors, and sounds. Watch the forms of this reality move through space. Watch your own form move. Everything will change in a moment.




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  1. I saw this in my email at the most perfect time possible. I can’t even believe yet, how true the game of kins is happening for me.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the SEED WAVE guidance and advice. I needed that! Cosmic Storm

  3. So wonderful said.
    And perfect for the moment!

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