The Serpent wave is a tunnel of gateways through which we’ll pass in preparation for the Central Column Run when the creation of the first half of the Round will turn into manifestation. From tomorrow in the 10 GAP days that follow, you’ll have a chance to recreate yourself.

This is an opportune time for establishing new habits which will overwrite the old ones. New habits of thought, first and foremost, but also new habits of action. Now is the time to repeat! Repeat to yourself every day who you are. Not who you want to be, but who you feel you really are.

Who are you, indeed? How do you define yourself? Think! You have a day – today with the Magnetic Serpent – think and describe your perfect-feeling self. Then start engraving that sense of being in your Avatar’s brain and heart.






Who are you, indeed? Who were you born to be?

Let me help you.

You are above all free. Independent of any other being or thing. You are your only boss. The only one responsible for your happiness and misery. You are the designer of your life and how you live is none of anybody’s business. You and your Dragon are here to have fun. You may have been convinced that this, or that, or the other depends on you. But that’s not true. No one and nothing exists because of you, not even in the slightest. Your relationship with people – be they your mothers or sons – are no different from the relationship between the falling snowflakes. We are dancing through time and space – each one of us on a most personal trajectory, much closer to the wind than to any other piece of frozen water. To think that someone else’s life – no matter how small or big they are – depends on you is pure arrogance founded on ignorance. To think that your life is shaped by anyone else’s presence or behavior is willingly giving your creative power away to…nothing. And no, it’s not a virtue to give people your personal time and space. It’s not a virtue to teach anyone through example that they need another being or a predefined configuration of circumstances to be happy or even survive. The only real virtue is absolute freedom.

Now is the time to let everyone be free from you. Release your prisoners – family and friends – from thoughts of care and worry. Focus on yourself, on the evolution of your mind. It’s a beautiful new being you are creating, every minute of your life. You may think you are slowly but surely fading away but that’s a lie you can easily reject. You are evolving, becoming lighter and brighter in every way. You are becoming more perfect and it’s your job to understand how.


You control your Avatar. You are one with your Dragon. Let Dragon tell you who you really are. Let Dragon speak to you about your original design and what the Avatar is capable of. It’s potential is far greater than your wildest dreams about it. So, expand your horizons, break down the karmic precepts, the plans and the standards. Free yourself from yourself by shedding those obsolete ideas about confinement to the world.

You are powerful. You are full of art. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are full of wonderful surprises.

What else? Think and repeat.

Repeat with regularity, harnessing the power of rhythm, and don’t stop – go on! Persist without question or doubt.  Continue your steady move forward until you feel the new blood rushing in your veins. And even then, don’t stop until the old cells are broken away and flushed out of your system. And even then, don’t stop until you see the change. And even then, don’t stop because you are doing it for the journey and because there’s no final destination. Do it for the love of moving in flowing rhythm. Do it for the pleasure and fun.

With the Serpent you can get to the remote corners of your Avatar’s mind, slowing and carefully sliding through its subconscious. It’s a perfect time to integrate the vibe of self-love by focusing upon all that you like about your existence. Push that vibe hard and deep into the partition of the primal instincts by relentlessly thinking and feeling it, day after day. Hammer that love for the moment, for being alive, in rhythmic blows into the Avatar’s mind. Do it with care, in small portions – go back and forth if you have to – but don’t give up until you reach the point of no return. Until you touch that sacred chord and sound the music of eternal love. Then listen to it explode inside you over and over again, with every beat of the Avatar’s heart. Feel it resonate within all cells of this most beautiful creation of a human being that you are.



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