Skywalker wave – Reconnection!

Skywalker wave – Reconnection!

Are you ready for 52 days of refining the purpose we identified, clarified, tested and confirmed in the first Castle?

After the Sun welded together the pieces of our resolution to put happiness, pleasure and fun above all other things, we are now holding in our hands the fruit of our determination.

With the Skywalker we will plant the seed of it in our hearts and we will watch it shoot out of our human form, splitting open our imaginary skulls and reaching for the Source of life – our True Self.






The Skywalker initiates the process of refining of the purpose, heading the first wave of the Northern Castle. He will be followed by Death, Storm, and Human. Together these four kins will bring us closer to stability in our highest perspective. Passing through the center of our being and the ever-lasting Now, they will lead us on a path of reconnection to our Original Minds (OM), our Dragons.


The Skywalker will design and bring the materials on site for building a bridge between the world of illusion and the ultimate reality. His purpose is to open a channel of communication by helping us align our vibration with that of our OM. Then, after the bridge has been built, Death will help us walk on it freely – back and forth.

The Skywalker’s Challenger is the Wizard who, guided by next wave’s Attractor – Death – will present in a new light the exercise of switching our perspective of reality from the position of the doer to that of the observer. He will provoke us and show us again how to quiet the mind so we can hear the voice that can steer us towards the path of our ultimate choice.

The challenge of the Challenger, in the face of the Seed, is to surrender to the natural flow, to let go of control over the circumstances of life and to trust the power of attraction of our true minds who are holding in focus only our highest intentions.

If we manage to let go and surrender, we’ll be lifted high above the world on the wings of the Eagle. Remain light by keeping your mind empty of habitual thoughts, acutely aware of the ripples in the ocean of your reality in the present moment and the Eagle will be able to carry you up. From the highest vantage point, you’ll then see the bigger picture of your life. You’ll be able to observe how each new piece of the puzzle of your game magically finds its place, fitting perfectly with the rest of the pieces within a constantly expanding frame. And then the Warrior, the Sun, and the Seed, the Yellow tribe, will support your new avatar while it takes its first steps on the road of happy choices.

The Skywalker wave’s inner wave is the Warrior wave whose Usher is the Star. The innerkin of the Skywalker – the magnificent Star – is also Challenger of the Equalizer of this wave – the Rhythmic Mirror. We’ll be fighting for balance, going back and forth between the image we’re used to seeing in the Mirror of our reality and the one we want to project and observe. We’ll be striving to make our new avatars function in a rhythmic, fluent, harmonious, pleasant, artful way. You are still far from being a master but the intention to become a better dancer of life will be shaking you from the core of your being like an earthquake coming from the center of the earth.

Balance, however, you can find in the face of the Blue tribe. The Eagle, the Storm and the Night, if you allow them to, can lead you out of your “single frame” perspective and into the audience, watching the movie of your life. They will support you upright in the center of your highest perspective so you can follow the teachings of the Red tribe. Intensively present in the first half of the wave, the Usher Serpent will be hitting the status quo of the avatar’s subconscious mind from all sides with the intention to break down the habitual thought process.

Be easy but sharp, light but focused. Be careful but devoid of fear. Be happy without giving in to too much excitement. Be silent while letting the music to which the whole Universe dances resonate inside you. Be adamant in the choice of your thoughts but utterly forgiving every failed attempt to be in control of your mind. Be fully present nowhere! You can do it because it is already done.


Happy Reconnection, dear kins!

Love and light on the path you’ve chosen before you came into this body.

No fear!


In Lak’ech,



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  1. Chief Kanan Clear Feather Lee

    Greetings. Found you on Galactic Space Book and saw this Post. I am a Red Galactic Skywalker and have felt a major shift during the dates you have posted. My 42 birthday was 02*20*20*16. Notice the 20+20+2=42 in 16. Anyways I was visited by a Great Mayan Chief named ATUL (Absolute Truth Unconditional Love) He wrote thru me the 7 scrolls of Silverman, drew a new mayan archetypal seal and sealed in as the sacred heart of Kanan in a wooden chest. These writings contain a new creation myth, a prayer of forgiveness to the natives of earth and a request that the trail of tears be erased from the akashic records. There are multiple other writings that continue to spill from my cup onto the pages and strings of my instruments. Elementally I am finding an entirely new understanding of the chakras and their relation to the periodic table, alchemy and the ascension of the human soul. I hope to find others to converse and share thoughts with. Thank you for you post I have needed an outlet for this information. Even if it goes no further. Go in peace and Love, and Always shine Bright

  2. Red Cosmic Skywalker here – events are about to accelerate…more is found here re: precious man…

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