Star Wave – Never Stop Dancing!

Star Wave – Never Stop Dancing!

From right within the house of the Crystal Storm, I want to say good-bye (for now) to everyone who followed me in the Tzolkin that ends today.

In the next Round you can check out the same Wave posts. The archetypes will start over their game to expand on the concepts they represent.

The Star’s usher is the Cosmic Sun. On the 260th day of the Tzolkin we celebrate freedom, enlightenment, completion, pleasure, fun, being, living, breathing in the sun.





The Crystal Storm completes the Creation of the Form of this Round and docks the Tzolkin into the Spectral Storm year.

I am ready. Are you ready? What for? To get comfortable in the center of the Storm.



All throughout the year and the Tzolkin Round that comes,


Be a Star!
Think about your body moving through space.
Feel your whole body while you move through space.
Hear your own voice.
Be aware of the expression of your face.

Breathe consciously by feeling your breath.
Feel that which connects you to your Dragon. What is it?

The River of Evolution that the Moon governs spurts out from the eye of the Dragon.
Like tears of laughter and joy, each tear a beat – the Universe exists because of RHYTHM.
The Dragon’s heartbeat and breath set the Two primary waves of Time in motion;
and they roll on together, embraced in a dance, towards the edges of the Pattern of Creation.

This rhythm is in your heartbeat and in your breath too, you little Dragon. 😉
Bring your mind into your center – focus on the feeling of your breath!
Keep your mind on a short leash and make it only feel the breath!
Just for a few moments – until you reconnect!

And then…

Be a Star!
Watch and feel your body move through space.
Enjoy the timber of your voice and the expression on your face…

Beauty, harmony, balance, integrity –
Life itself is an ever incomplete, yet perfect work of art.
The Pattern of Creation is made of time vectors woven together
Time is Art.

And you, little twinkling Star, are a piece of time.
Embrace your flowing, moving, changing, dancing nature.
Don’t move to go from one place to another.
Don’t speak just to communicate some facts.
Your life is really a performance and you are always in the center of the main act.

Be glamorous, fantastic, magnificent and full of sparks.
For all the souls out there feeling your emotions.
Your fans throughout the universe are watching you and feeling every breath you take.
Surprise them and inspire them. Be bold, be crazy, be interesting, be special.

Just for the sake of fun.



iN Lakech


Happy New Tzolkin Round!
I wish us all a super wonderful journey ahead!

Good vibes,




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