Storm Wave – Power of Focus

Storm Wave – Power of Focus

Welcome to the western wave of the Northern Castle of Refinement. Now that Death took us to the bottom of our subconscious and uprooted the biggest fears, it’s time to fill that space with pure love.


On the last day of the Death wave we celebrated Shivaratri – the day of Shiva – the one who destroys the universe so it can be reborn truly pure and balanced again; a universe where Shiva and Shakti, the physical and the non-physical are united in perfect harmony.


A storm has been born in the Center of the universe. It is swirling faster and faster, expanding further and further, reaching for the outskirts of the universe, pulling us hard towards the Center.

Do you feel the power of the Storm pulling at you yet? If you fight it, you’ll still go inside, but with bruises all over the body and curses on your lips. Do you want to die a thousand deaths or have you learned to become Death itself? Because you are – you are life and you are death. They are just ideas, concepts of experiences, and you are the mind behind them all. You are the one who thinks the world into existence.

Choose to be filled with immense power, there is no more time or space for fear. Choose to become one with the power that creates worlds, but if you can’t, let go and let yourself be taken by it.




The Challenger of the Storm wave is the Sun who is also Storm’s anakin*. So, how do we harvest the power of Storm? Focus on the feeling of pleasure, no matter how small or fleeting it may be. Don’t burden your heart with the circumstances around the feeling of love. Drink up the emotion for no other purpose than to charge yourself with the right vibration. Extract the feeling you like from all the circumstances it seems to be attached to and hold onto it for as long as you can.

That’s the beauty and the power of the Storm – extremely charged tiny particles of energy can transport you into a dimension you want to be in. The dimension of pleasure and fun which is the hardest thing to achieve – that’s why the Sun carries the burden of the challenge.

So, how can we live in pleasure and fun? Focus on the feeling when you have it, no matter how small the circumstance that gave birth to it. Focus in the moment and manage your thoughts moment by moment. Focus with the idea to achieve only one thing – to feel as good as you can NOW.


The balancers – the Red tribe – will be working for a change in our habits of thought. To rewire our brains, to modify the pathways that the neurons are too used to, they will be pushing us harder and harder towards and over the edge of the comfort zone. But only for the purpose of balancing the strong pull from the Center.

The key is to let go of resistance and let yourself float on the River of Evolution without a care in the world. To stay relaxed in the middle of the storm, simply knowing that there is a good reason behind everything is the way to harvest its energy. All the while staying true to the purest vibe you have ever known.

Storm has the power to transport you but it may ask you to walk a very narrow ridge. By now, you must understand the laws of creation enough to trust the power of attraction. If you do, you’ll be able to focus on one drop of water with such intensity and purity of heart that it will become an ocean.

Stay with the feeling, that one little feeling of sweet satisfaction, and let it take over.



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  1. Thank you!
    I am a Storm, and can say that,
    what you said is perfectly in the Center of my feeling about the Storm Energy.

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