Sun Wave – Come into the Now

Sun Wave – Come into the Now

The Sun presides the last wave of the first Castle – the Eastern Castle of Beginning and Initiation. It’s the south, yellow wave, which is the time of ripening and completion of the 52-days period.

Before we go into it, though, let’s look back on our journey within this Castle.

We started with the Dragon to set the purpose, to lay out a foundation for our quest. We decided that our ultimate goal, our greatest desire is to become conscious creators of reality. That means, to create together with our higher minds, our Creators, our Dragons. But in order to do that, we need to be connected with them at all times.

The conscious connection between Dragon and his avatars (which we are) can only happen if both minds are tuned to the same frequency of vibration. In other words, they have to share the same perspective. We and our Dragons must stand on common grounds if we want to be conscious co-creators of our lives.

However, since we grew up in a society that has locked itself in the 3rd dimension by using a time-measuring system resonating with the frequency of matter, we have been trained in the Limited Perspective. Our Dragons, on the other hand, remain forever resonating with the Infinite Perspective, and they are calling us to join them.

So, the actual purpose of our quest is to reconfigure our minds, to transition from the Limited to the Infinite Perspective. In this way we’ll align with the frequency of our Dragons and our conscious connection with them will be not simply possible, but easy, even automatic.

By defining our purpose to reconnect with our inner selves, we became Skywalkers. We are now awakened avatars who have remembered who they really are; we have met our Dragons. As Skywalkers, we msut now explore the possibilities and to search for the path towards this goal.


The Wizard was our first guide on this journey. He started our training in the Infinite Perspective by asking us to switch from thinkers entangled in our thoughts, identified with our minds to observers. He taught us to surrender and to trust the process of evolution and the avatar’s self-regulating design.

Then, along came the Hand who is the Wizard’s innerkin. She took us deeper into the practice of observation. The Hand asked us to reconsider the concept of action and doing, to realize what our role and position in our partnership with Dragon truly is.We had the chance to see how from the Limited Perspective we try to do everything by our (physical) selves, ignoring the part our Dragon plays in our reality creation. We learned to create by surrendering, to do by adjusting our thoughts.

And now the Sun will have us practice alignment by helping us find the path to the Now. She will lure us into the Infinite Perspective by focusing our attention on the very purpose of life – pleasure and fun.




Being of the yellow tribe*, the Sun is all about practical experience, manifestation and results. We will practice alignment by focusing on the experiences we like while we are immersed in them. We will train to bring our entire mind, our complete attention in the present moment by choosing love for ourselves, love for our presence, love for our being.

The Sun’s anakin – the Storm – will help us overcome the challenge of finding thoughts of true self-love by bringing us to the center from where we have access to the Infinite Perspective.


The Sun wave’s inner wave is the Moon wave.

The Moon’s Usher is the Dragon who is not only the Sun’s innerkin, but also the Challenger of this wave. Therefore, our greatest challenge in the next 13 days will be to remember our infinite nature, to acknowledge the presence of our Creator in our reality, and to feel loved, nurtured, and protected not by other people, but by our inner, infinite selves.

Enjoy the enlightening rays of the Sun!


*To learn more about the tribes, download the FREE eBook Game of Kins, Book One: Tzolkin – the Map of Time.

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  1. Brilliant said!
    Thank you for this synchronization..
    We are blessed to can live consciously and to can see and feel the spectrum of beauty and deepness of the creation! How enjoyable and playful is the nature of the game!

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