How often do you hear people talk about the clock and the calendar? How many times in your life have you discussed it with anyone? Let me guess – never. Isn’t that strange, considering that those are the two most used things in the world? And yet, questioning their origin and functionality seems unnecessary to most people.

Centuries ago someone devised the calendar we are using, implemented it in the then emerging civilization and today we just presume he did a good job. After all, what difference does it make how we measure time?

Let’s see…

One of the first things you learn as a kid is to tell time. You can go through your entire life without knowing how to tie your shoe laces, but can you exist in this reality if you are unable to tell time? You couldn’t have meetings, go to work, take a bus or an airplane. Not that airplanes could even fly without a time schedule. No store could order their merchandise, no bank could do a single transaction. There could certainly be no Internet. There could be no exchange of anything really. Not on a global scale anyway. So you see, the time system is the skeleton of a society. Without it, the world would be like a body without bones.

So, I believe that it deserves at least a little bit more attention, this most crucial matter of how we measure time.

First things first. What do we call time?

For example, a year is a portion of time. But what is a year? It’s how long it takes the earth to make one full circle around the sun. Let’s take another one – a day. A day-night cycle is how long it takes the earth to turn around its axis. And the time it takes the moon to make one full circle around the earth is (or rather, should be) one month. So you see, time is not just a concept that humans invented. Time is, in fact, the movement of the cosmic bodies sustaining our life. More than just a movement, it’s a perfectly choreographed dance, in which the dancers follow a certain rhythm.

For us, humans, time is…well, it’s suggested by these enormous chunks of rock and fire floating through space. We do appreciate the alternation of light and dark because this way we can say what happened yesterday and make plans for tomorrow… Other than that, I am a proud owner of a WATCH! It tells me to get up, to call my wife, to leave the office, to walk or drive, to eat, to shit, to make love, to have a coffee or a cocktail, to dance…..well, everything! And no, the earth and the moon have nothing to do with it! (Yeah, right!)





In the last few decades, humans have realized how much we have become detached from nature. It’s all about going back to it now. Saving nature, loving nature, eating a natural diet… We’re desperately trying to reconnect. But in this way, we cannot make it. Unless we get our time in sync with nature, all our efforts are in vain. Only when we start moving around the planet in harmony with the sun, the earth, and the moon, can we have the life our species was designed for.

Not only the Gregorian calendar is not synchronized with nature, it’s not harmonious in itself. If time is like a waltz we are all dancing to, the leap year is like a horrible scratch in the vinyl record. And there are many more that make the needle jump and screech. Just look at the months! They all have a different number of days. We have divided the year cycle in uneven beats, which means that not only our rhythm isn’t tuned to the bigger choreography, but we actually don’t have a rhythm at all!


Allow me to clarify.




The earth spins around its axis 365 times while she makes one full circle around the sun.

During that journey of one year, the moon turns around the earth 13 times.

For each turn around the earth, the moon makes 28 turns around itself.


That must be why most ancient civilizations had 13-moon calendars. If you divide 365 in 13, you get 13 months of 28 days each. Plus one day.

That’s 13×28=364 and the 365th day we can use for…celebration!!! A whole day for the entire world to celebrate together the new year! And our genius because we finally figured out how to follow the rhythm of natural time.

No, I don’t expect the whole world to simply ditch the irregular 12-month calendar and the 12-hour clock, and to switch to perfect harmony with the universe all at once. I’ve listened to too many DJ’s who will probably never discover the ‘sync’ button on their players to know that there will always be people who just can’t hear the rhythm.

But those who can…

If you are reading this and you are understanding the magnitude of what I just revealed to you, or you ended up here because you had already discovered it, let me take you one step further. 

Not only is the 13-month calendar the way to reconnect with nature, but there is a map that can show you the true meaning of time. That map which was devised by the Maya, is not only synchronized with the cycle of the moon but is also calibrated to align humanity with our galactic family. It was designed particularly for this period when we are transitioning from the age of ignorance into the age of enlightenment. And believe it or not, when it comes to the evolution of consciousness, it’s all about time

Are you ready for the synchronic order of time to rule your world? Let’s bring it in our  world, together! Now, go get your time map.







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