The Secret Map to Reality


The Tzolkin is not just a calendar. It is a time map.
Time is another word for the motion picture of your life.
The Tzolkin is a map to your life, to your reality.




But to understand and believe that, you need to experience its magic personally. You need to witness the correlations of events and people in your day-to-day life, decoded by the tones and archetypes. You need to find yourself entangled in a series of amazing synchronicities and to feel the power that this map gives you by deciphering them for you.

And the best part of it? It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s a game! Not a complicated system you can use only after years of study and experiment. You can start today, even if you know nothing about it because it’s played neither on paper, nor in the computer, but in real time, in real life. Yes, it will most probably make little sense in the very beginning but, as it’s the case with every game, it’s meant to be played. You’ll master it as you go.



Sometimes the Tzolkin leaves you speechless. I can’t tell you how many times I have stopped in my track and tried to unravel the universal order underlying my life (and everybody else’s), of which the Tzolkin has just given me a glimpse. And the life of every bug and every flower, the flowing of the clouds above me, the wind through my hair and the words of a passer-by… The Tzolkin has shown me times and again that it’s all connected in a perfect synchronic order. But it doesn’t stop there. It offers the key to understanding how it is all connected.

Even though it has the power to connect us, the Tzolkin is a very personal calendar. And because it deciphers your deepest thoughts and emotions in the midst of your life experiences, you are certain to develop a very intimate relationship with it. It’s often impossible to explain to another the synchronicities in your life that become visible through this map. But to you, the perceiver and creator of your own reality, they make more sense than almost anything else does.

Before you start on your new quest, let me explain what it means to follow the map of time. It means to check today’s kin (use the decoder in the sidebar) every day or as often as possible and to observe the correlations between the kin and the events in your daily life. Eventually, you will want to know the kin of the month, the year, and (when we release the clock) the hour. That will give you an incredibly detailed picture of your life moment to moment, and a lot of clues to decipher.

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In Waves, I present a short overview of the coming wave on the last day of the previous one.

In Tzolkin Dynamics, you can read more on the Tzolkin elements, correlations, cycles, etc.

In Discussion, you’ll find my viewpoint on topics related to the Tzolkin, the new calendars, time, and other.

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But before you do anything, check your birth kin (in the decoder in the sidebar). Write it in the comments below. 

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