Wave Roles

Wave Roles




PHASE 1: Preparation

The Attractor  sets the purpose for the wave. (Magnetic)

The Challenger  explores the challenges that could hinder its achievement. He’s guided by next wave’s Attractor. (Lunar)

The Connector  takes into consideration the purpose and the challenges and proposes an optimal path based on the middle way between the advantages (from achieving the purpose) and the disadvantages (from failing on the way). The Connector is guided by the Resonator. (Electric)

The Creator  chooses the means for accomplishing the mission based on the previous three kin’s propositions. (Self-existing)


PHASE 2: Management

The Master oversees the entire wave’s mission. He’s guided by the Usher who connects the wave with the next one. (Overtone)

The Master’s High Council: Equalizer, Resonator, and Integrator

The Equalizer  points to the weakest point that needs to be reinforced in order to complete the visionary construction of this wave’s creation. He establishes the link between vibrational creation and manifestation. Beyond this point, the creation is set on its course. (Rhythmic)

The Resonator  marks the middle of the wave. The first part is the vibrational creation and the second part is the manifestation. He tunes every kin of the way to the same tone. He marks the highest point on the path where both the beginning and the end of the journey come into perspective. (Resonant)

The Integrator  brings in the power acquired in the previous wave.He integrates last wave’s creation into this one. He’s the previous wave’s Attractor guided by its Master.  (Galactic)


PHASE 3: Execution

The Deliverer  assists in the birth of the new intention. This is the moment when from the idea of the purpose comes out a new revelation, a new direction. The next section of the path of life opens up. This is the creation we are after in this wave. (Solar)

The Arbiter  gives the new creation a test to evaluate its strength, etc. He gives us a chance to find out how well we’ve dealt with the challenges. (Planetary)

The Liberator  releases us from all attachment to the purpose and the intention that came out of it. He’s the antikin of the Attractor. (Spectral)

The Synchronizer  closes up the level. He completes the form that the Creator started building and the Integrator reinforced. (Crystal)


PHASE 0: Transition

The Usher  takes us out of one level and into the next. He’s the guide of this wave’s Master and of next wave’s Creator (who is his guide in this one). (Cosmic)

The creation of the wave is completed in 12 steps, but without the Usher, the energy cannot be transferred to the new level. The 13th point is crucial to the continuation of evolution.



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