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The Spectral Storm year starts with the wave of its Innerkin – the Wind.


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Wind is the second archetype. He is the governor of the universal realm of thoughts – Dragon’s mind. He’s the power that moves thoughts around and brings them together to merge into ideas and then manifest as emotions and forms. Wind is the Master of the Art of Communication. We humans tend to think of communication mainly in terms of spoken or written words. But communication is about so much more than just lectures and conversations. The entire world communicates with us through sounds, images, smells, tastes, and touch. The wind communicates with you as it caresses your naked skin or blows your hair around as you ride your bike in the park. Water communicates with you as you drink it or dive into it. The grass communicates with you when you step on it barefoot. Nature communicates with you as you eat its fruits. Your mother communicates with you through the taste of the meal she has cooked for you. Your sister communicates with you as you smell her perfume when she passes you by. Artists communicate with you through the colors and shapes in their artworks. Your lovers communicate with you in sighs and kisses… Sometimes people communicate their pain and fear with violence or tears, too….In any case, it’s all a combination of images, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. We communicate with the 3D world through the five physical senses.

To understand the message of the world, listen!

Listen not only with your ears but with all your senses. When you talk to someone, watch their body language and facial expressions. Hear not only their words but the timbre and the tone of their voice. Their message is so much bigger than the intellectual meaning of the words they pronounce. In fact, people are always communicating their current emotions. Their words, gestures, body language…are all expressions of the thoughts passing through their minds at the moment they are speaking. Quite often they pronounce words that don’t match their thoughts but it is to their true thoughts that you want to answer. Every single time. If not, you get dragged around by a chain of pointless arguments and discussions to no end. The efforts to arrive at an intellectual understanding are for the most part futile because we get trapped in the limitation of logic and definitions. And to remedy this situation, people talk even more and even louder hoping someone will hear what they actually want to say. The cacophony in this world has become remarkable because we don’t listen in the way we can really hear.





Communication is the exchange of energy that makes Creation expand infinitely. Every single particle communicates with other particles and by mixing their energies, they form structures, experiences, life. Like all creations in the universe, we humans are designed to communicate with each other, and that’s the easiest, most natural and simple thing for us to do. When there is a “lack of communication”, misunderstanding, and lies, it means you are not communicating with someone in the way you are made to communicate. You are trying instead to calculate the information with your intellect.


No one can lie to you if you listen with all your senses. When you do that, you will know when people’s words don’t match their vibration and that’s a message in and of itself. It’s the message that “this person is lying to themselves, which means that they are afraid of something“. It is to that message you need to respond, instead of to the words the person utters. And your greatest challenge is to speak in the way you listen – with all your senses. But that will come naturally, as long as you yourself are aware of your real message. Expand your awareness in communication! Rely on your five senses, not on the intellect, and you’ll always get and transmit the real message.


The second step in becoming a Master of the Art of Communication is to learn to listen to your Dragon. He communicates with you through your sixth sense – the sense of Emotion. Through your emotions, Dragon guides you in the world of Illusion. If you are unhappy, that’s Emotion for “No, don’t go that way!…” If you are happy, Dragon is saying “Yes, this is your chosen path!” Emotion is the language Dragon uses to speak to you. Become fluent in it!

How? Again, you have to listen. This time, listen to your emotions. As with any other language, the more you listen, the better you’ll understand. This language is magical, too! When you learn to understand it very well, you’ll know not only what others are really telling you, but also how to answer them. The right answers will come directly from Dragon.




Feel your emotions and you’ll hear Dragon. The channel of communication between you two is always open, but you have to tune in and listen. Be aware of the sounds of the city or the village you are walking through. And in the middle of all this external awareness, be aware of your emotions. Through them, Dragon is telling you what all these other forms of communication really mean to you.

Ride the Dragon in the winds of communication blowing all around the Universe! And if you ever lose sight of him, ride the wind in your body and you’ll find yourself on the back of Dragon again. Because…


wind is the breath in your body


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  1. Happy Wind Wave Amrit!! 🙂
    love to receive fresh information and warmth of inspiration from our communication
    (ha! this even rhymes… the star song is sensational!)

    in lak ech

  2. This site is great!
    How do I get the Book Game of Kins?
    I suscribed to the mail list and can´t get.
    All links promoting the bokk take me again to suscribe.
    We are the ones we have been waiting for!

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